A Convergence Project by Journalism Students at Roosevelt University

More About The Project

     Air brakes hiss in the evening rush hour fray. City buses squeak and squeal. The wind whistles and the waves of Lake Michigan lap at the shores of this bustling urban metropolis. The L winds around the track above Wabash Avenue, rumbling and roaring, steel on steel — drowning out conversations with a deafening familiar sound. And yet, it is music, of sorts, with a decidedly urban flavor — fluid and sometimes static, a resounding river of humanity. Musicians, street workers, pedestrians, children, the Bucket Boys.
Alesia Wright, one of  the team's reporters,
writes about Chicago's famous Bucket Boys.
   If you listen closely, you can hear them. That was the task of eight journalism students enrolled in the Convergence Newsroom at Roosevelt University. As a team of reporters, armed with digital cameras, audio recorders and their journalistic eyes and ears and nose for the story, they set out this semester (Fall 2013) to chronicle the sounds of the city and the narratives behind them. This online project reflects some of the stories and sounds we discovered and also tell here. 
     Listen and also read our collaboration here that appears as written journalistic narratives in the literary tradition, photos, videos, podcasts and sound slideshows. Experience the Sounds of the City.